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Believe it or not, This is oil painting!

  At first glance, you’d think it was a picture of three boys playing in the mud. As a matter of fact, it’s one of  Teresa Elliot’s ultra-realistic paintings.  Teresa Elliot was born and raised in Texas, USA and most of her other paintings reflect a certain western flavor.  





This Sculpture Looks Like It's From A Cartoon

This surreal metal sculpture is created by a famous sculptor, Neil Dawson in New Zealand. The masterpiece is made from steel and painted like if it’s a drawing from a cartoon. The artwork can be visited at Gibbs Farm, that is host to many other art sculptures as well.  


See With Your Eyes, Now With Your Mind

Everything seems fine with the following animation until you concentrate on the black dot; the moving strip will turn blue. If you see any color other than blue, please do tell us in the comments.



Circling Dots Illusion

[Wait for the animation to load] Illusions are well known to play with our minds. If you view the dots in isolation, they’re only going to and fro, however if you view the animation as a whole, you’ll find them rotating in three separate circles and the circles are also moving in counter-clockwise direction. Squeeze […]


The Toll Gate Effect [Illusion]

This is an aerial view of a level road showing a toll gate in South Korea. So what makes this ordinary highway look like as if the road is warping and the vehicles are gonna fall of as they reach the cliff edge? The answer is simple and lies within the image. Hint: The same […]