The Zombie Bloodwood Tree


Pterocarpus angolensis is a kind of teak native to southern Africa, known by various names such as Kiaat, Mukwa, and Muninga.

It is also called the Bloodwood tree. When you cut into it, the bloowood dribbles long trails of dark-red liquid down its trunk. The red sap is actually a gum known as “Kino”. This sap is very useful as it seals the wound to promote healing.

The red sap is also used traditionally as a dye and in some areas mixed with animal fat to make a cosmetic for faces and bodies.

The tree is also used for treating many medical conditions such as ringworm, stabbing pains, eye problems, malaria, blackwater fever, stomach problems and to increase the supply of breast milk.




The wood makes high-quality furniture, as it can be easily carved, glues and screws well and takes a fine polish. It shrinks very little when drying, and this quality, together with its high durability, makes it particularly suitable for boat building, canoes and bathroom floors.