15 Pictures Proving That Beauty Of Nature Never Fails To Amaze Us


Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us. Here is the collection of some pictures that’s the proof of wonders of nature.


1. Un-bee-lievable!


2. A hummingbird’s nest on a peach


3. A lighting tree


4. The heavenly light in Grubug Cave / Indonesia


5. Lenticular clouds look like some kind of caramel coating


6. Fly Geyser, Black Rock Desert, Nevada


7. The breathtaking Rainbow Mountains in Peru / China


8. Thor’s Well


9. The Japanese blood pond


10. Water, rays of light, and a rainbow lake in the middle of the forest!


11. Kilimanjaro, in Africa


12. Lake Baikal, Russia


13. Virginia


14. Lofoten, Norway (photography : Kyrenia)


15. This beautiful tree is called Tseanotus