Spooky and Weird Sea Creatures

Eerie Anglerfish


These spooky species take things to a whole new level of terror. There’s a whole lot to be afraid of in the depths of the sea where the sunlight barely reaches. Scientists are still actively discovering what lies beneath the world’s oceans.


Northern Stargazer


Gulper Eel




Giant Isopod


Lizard Island Octopus


Terrible Claw Lobster


Kiwa, God of Shellfish, Crab


Leafy Seadragon


Red-lipped Batfish


The Squidworm


Spiky Sea Urchin


Armored Searobin


Goblin Shark
Image credit: Fairfax Media via Getty Images






The Sarcastic Fringehead
Image credit: Wikistudent348 via Wikimedia commons


A Goblin Shark
Image credit: Dianne Bray / Museum Victoria via Wikimedia commons


Image credit: twitter


Flying Spaghetti Monster
Image credit: National Oceanographic Centre / SERPENT Project


Ghost Fish
Image credit: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research


Image credit: Paul Bersebach/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images


Faceless Cusk
Image credit: Fishes of Australia


Vampire Squid
Image credit: 2004 MBARI