These Fish are Dead, but look Alive and Act Like Men

Fish Art 1

Everyone is different and have different interests, but turning a real life, dead fish into undead sculptures seems a really weird hobby. Paris born artist Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard from early childhood had no interest for dolls like other little girls. Instead, she played with animals, either living or dead. She had rats that she kept as pets, disguising them with the doll clothes that her mother made for her. She discovered the world of fish during her apprenticeship of fishing. After that, she started using fish to make her dolls. She takes photographs of them by placing them in different sets performing different acts and then eats them for dinner.


Fish Art 2


Fish Art 3


Fish Art 4


Fish Art 5


Fish Art 6


Fish Art 7


Fish Art 8


Fish Art 9


Fish Art 10

This is what Anne had to say about her work:

Fishes are asexual and give a global message. That is neither the condition of women nor the condition of men. That is man, the human being, in general. In my photography, I do not try to present the good nor the bad. It’s never simply funny, laborious, happy, tender or hard. There is always much tragic, sadness or sorrow in the comedy. That is what touches me. That is what I try to translate.

[via amusingplanet] [Source: annecatherine]